Help artist out postings

I in my bizarre wisdom realized There is a lot of new to art and Da out there.
Some have no idea how to post.
Basic art

I am thinking of posting it to help.

Color theory
Layout theory
Value theory
scanning method
Equipment by price.
What are the cheap and free
Universal basic things all artist need to keep in mind at different levels.

Different jobs in art and companies.
If there is any thing you think need to be made more easier to find or included. Please comment.


March is on

This March will begin the long awaited rework.


Machin Gun Opera


Psychic World
This book is all ready going. So if you have been following me. You know what is coming soon. If you have followed me on Patreon. You know what you could get.

old Go Figure Nothing like crazy comic with no plot. Just enjoy old Go Figure.